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>I have been thinking of having a blogging schedule,for both my blogs.I just posted on my other blog,Life Is More Than Beads,a tentative schedule for both that one and this one,but I decided I would put this one directly on here.This will probably take me a while to get into the swing of things,and I may have to change it around a little,but here goes.

I think I will blog at least every other day,though I will try for every day after a while.So it could be any of these I do.Will try to have it scheduled for Monday this,then Tuesday,this,but it will be random till I figure it out.
A dress pick of the week.
Have a jewelry pick of the week.
A photo of the week,though we’ll see how that goes,since you usually have to get permission.I do know of some wonderful wedding photographers,and I want to feature their work.So I may feature a photographer every once in a while,as well.Hopefully I’ll get some interviews,too.:)
I will put a an outfit together,either for bridesmaid,brides,or any time.One a week.
Every other week or every two weeks do a feature/interview with an etsy bridal shop.
Every other week,or every two weeks,pick a color,(maybe two or three),and search out the prettiest items to feature for that color.
And any other random thing I love.

And if you any thoughts or ideas,please comment below.I love comments!

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>Jewelry Picks of the Week-Romantic Lace Designs by EderaJewelry

>This was going to be a jewelry pick,but I saw so many more designs from Edera Jewelry that I had to feature more than one.
Ivy’s shop on etsy is one of the best on there when it comes to wedding jewelry.The romantic designs are made with an old handmade lace technique and encrusted with fine semi-precious gems,pearls,and vintage findings.

If you love red,then take a look at these earrings!And they’re 25 percent off right now at $65.00
TUDOR ROSE- Red Silk Lace Earrings

A beautiful set-Anthalie
ATHALIE- Pearl, Vintage Rhinestone and Silver Lace Bracelet

Classic and clear.ATHALIE- Silver, Pearl and Lace Flower Wedding Earrings

ATHALIE- Necklace of Silver Lace, Pearls and Vintage Rhinestones

One of my new favorites.
FLOREAL-Silver, Pearl, Aquamarine Chandelier Earrings

I’m in love with this one,too.
ALIDA- Handmade Gold, Silver Lace, Pearl Wedding Brooch

And if you’d like to see her works in progress,stop by her blog at http://edera-faerie.blogspot.com

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>Eco-Friendly and Beautiful Simple Wedding Dresses by Threadhead

>I’ve been meaning to feature ThreadHead’s beautiful eco-friendly wedding dresses for a while.Aren’t these just amazing?And I’m only showing my absolute favorites,there’s many more in her shop.

Hailey $900.00


Callie $1,500.00

<a href="
Zoe” target=”new”>
Zoe $550.00

Photos by Dustin Alexander Photography
You can see more designs,photo’s and order your gown at
threadhead’s online etsy boutique
She was etsy’s featured seller a while back,you can read the
the interview here.

>Beachy Accessories for Wedding or Anytime from "Five and Two" by Briana Rose

>Looking for some star-fish accessories for your beach themed wedding?Brianarose Accessories on etsy might be your perfect answer.And she doesn’t just make star-fish jewelry and hair clips,but wooden heart earrings,flower hair clips,and much more,as well as selling a few vintage clothing finds.
ingrid – starfish hair clip

Doesn’t look like it came out of a bridal magazine,like Get Married?

I found Briana’s shop by looking through the etsy forums,and loved her shop so much,I wanted to do an interview,as well as a feature.She’s also offering you a “buy one,get one half off”.Send her a convo or email with the code “July”.

~~~~~~~~~The Interview~~~~~~~~~~
Q: So,are you married?If you are,can you tell us a few things about your wedding.If you’re not,describe your dream wedding.
A: Oh yes, oh yes! I just got married a month ago to my high school sweetheart. We’ve been together over five and a half years. Our wedding was perfect; a small, barbeque style event. We chose circus roses for the centerpieces and casual black suits with flip flops for the mens’ attire. All very casual. It was outside in a ranch, and thankfully it was just barely over 90 degrees!

Q: Explain your creative process (how do you get ideas/inspiration for your craft,and how do you put them into action)
A: I really enjoy using items from nature. The theme of “five and two” is “beautiful, naturally.” I think women should feel beautiful, naturally. Here’s a little blurb on my Etsy profile:
You should feel beautiful, naturally. Because lets face it, you are beautiful. Women of all ages should embrace their natural features; be comfortable in your skin. You were created with all of those wonderful features on purpose. Those wrinkles you wish would disappear, those were meant to be there. The junk in the trunk you got goin’ on, was meant to be there. The freckles all over your face, were placed there on purpose. You’re beautiful, naturally.

Q: What item do you enjoy making most? And which has been the hardest to make so far, as well as which has been the easiest? What do you find has been your best-seller?
A: The item I enjoy most is also my best-seller and most difficult item to make; starfish accessories! I’m particularly proud of starfish accessories, as they are unlike any other. They go through a detailed cleaning, strengthening and assembling process. There are lots of steps to take in order to make the starfish accessories as strong and clean as possible, while preserving their natural beauty. They’re really fun to make, I enjoy deciding the rhinestone designs the most! I think they add an extra sweet little sparkle.

Q: What are your favorite colors to design with. What are your favorite colors personally?
A: I love using the rainbow tinted Swarovski rhinestones, seen on this starfish pendant: http://www.etsy.com/listing/50313779/chloe-starfish-pendant. I think the colors reflect the true personality of the starfish. My favorite colors are black, white, turquoise and pink!

Q: What skills (any skills, not just crafty ones), do you wish you knew more about?
A: I wish I my guitar skills were better! I’m proud of my guitar knowledge, though. I taught myself by looking up chords online. I also wish I knew how to cook! I’m married now, so I’m working on it! I wish I knew more about photography, as well. Not just for my Etsy shop, but for personal projects.

Q: What goals do you have for your etsy shop, any new product ideas?
A: I hope to spread the word about my shop with great customer service. I want my clients to feel pampered! I’d also like to discover more of my target audience and learn how to reach them.

Q: A few random facts about yourself? 🙂
A: I just got my first full time job, I am a pastor’s wife, I could eat pizza every day, and I can make the Star Trek symbol with my toes.
Isn’t she awesome?

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