Jewelry Pick

I stumbled upon these lovely little earrings this morning.Aren’t they sweet?

Rose Stud Post Swarovski Crystal Earrings, Gold Rose

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“Last Love” by Matrimony

I found this song about a month ago on a friend’s facebook wall.Knowing she has good taste in music,I decided to give it a listen.And I loved it!It’s really sweet.I liked the music video,as well.I think the outfits are really nice,as well as the locations.

Last Love | Matrimony from Crown Alley Films on Vimeo.

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A Sweet and Lovely Bride

(Photography by Boutwell Studio)
I saw this image of a bride,who’s name is Boram,while surfing (haha) on the Style Me Pretty blog,and immediately loved it.
If you’d like to see the entire wedding,it can be viewed here. ~ Laguna Niguel Wedding by Boutwell Studio + Details Detail

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Beautiful Melodies by The Civil Wars

I’m sure some of you have heard at least one song from The Civil Wars.If you haven’t,you just might want to,cause they are amazing. 😉 And here is your chance to hear some of their songs.They have many more,both live and studio versions.Just look them up on youtube,and you’ll find a whole slew of songs.

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Giveaway~Wedding Veil and Silk Garter by Idoweddingveils

I somehow didn’t notice a very nice giveaway that an etsy shop that I follow on facebook has been running for the past few week.But there’s still a chance to enter!5 more days left.It is for a wedding veil and a silk garter.And all you have to do is go to I Do Wedding Veil’s facebook page and “like” it.

Some of you may remember me interviewing Sarah,the owner of the shop.Here’s the interview,if you would like to read it. Interview with Sarah of I Do Wedding Veils

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>Wedding Dress Photos Pet Peeve

>One of the things that really bugs me when looking at some wedding dress photos(or any white dresses!),are the white backgrounds.It’s fine with cream dresses,but with pure white,all of the detail gets lost,and I can barely tell what the dress is like.I get really happy when I see a wedding dress company that puts the white dresses on a contrasting color so it pops.
Anyone agree with me on this?

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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>Joss Stone "L-O-V-E"

>This has recently become one of my favorite songs.I first heard it on a Chanel Coco Mademoiselle TV ad with Keira Knightley quite a while back,and of course the song has stuck with me ever since.Enjoy!

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>Jessica’s Boho Veil

I totally meant to blog about this,well,back in April.It’s just too yummy not to share.If you’d like to see the original post,and how to get her look,here it is.
The Veil”

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